Photos of your Club Night or Event:
2  hrs. - Photo section at the Club or Event ( $25 each additional hour  )
CD copy of all the photos taken ( 100 to 200 photos)
Camera icon placed on your Main Page Sponro Listing
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Web Site Advertising
Club Listing
$50 Monthly
Photo Shoot
Email Blast & Facebook Promotion
Email Blast Exclusively Promoting your Event ( Your Flyer / Your Logo / Your Wording /  Your Message ) 2,500+ Subscribers and Growing
Facebook  Promotion of your Event   3,800+ Facebook Friends
Club Listing
100 % Salsa
The higher the % of Salsa played at the club the higher the listing.

If Salsa Lessons are provided a higher listing will be giving.

Live Salsa Bands, Dance Performances & Special Events will be given a higher listing but not higher than those that have
contracted for pictures in the past, unless they are contracting to take pictures of their
upcoming Event.

A higher listing will be given to those that have contracted to take pictures of their Location and/or their Events.

$ 50 listing -  limit of  9 lines of  text
Free listing -  limit of  
1 lines of  text
Events & Socials Page
(One time
Listing of your Event Weeks/Months before the Event
Link to your website
Listing on the Main Page the  week of the Event ( $50 dollar value )

4" X 6" Illustration of your Flyer @ 1024
by 768 Screen Resolution
Congresses Page
(One time
Listing of your Event Months before the Event
Link to your website
Listing on the Main Page the  week of the Event ( $50 dollar value )
Sponsor Listing  $50 Monthly
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Location Name / Address  / Phone #           
Location Name / Description
General Information
Admission Cost / Time
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40% Salsa - Merengue/ Bachata/ R&B/ Reggaeton
Your Logo
a Link to a page with
your Flyer
Your Logo
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Date of your Event
Location                                                           Date
Your Logo
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Your Write-up

Your Logo
Advertising Info.
Sponsor Listing
Sponsor Listing  $50 Monthly
Your Name                                               
Your Logo
This will include one additional web page with the following:
Promotional Photos  / Your  Biography / Your Location Info. / Lessons
Schedule and any additional information and/or photos you would like to add.
Salsa Instructor
Other Services
Listing Policy
Instructors, Bands & DJs Listing
Listed in Alphabetical Order
Email us if  you have any additional questions and/or wish to become a Sponsor of
$75 for any additional  Email Blasts & Facebook Promotion within  the same Month (30 days)
Sponsor Listing  $50 Monthly

Spinning @                                                                      
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Your Pic
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